EduCare Foundation focuses on those children who are already going to school, but are in danger of dropping out due to grinding poverty and getting pushed in to child labor. EduCare works with a committee of three teachers to provide right educational support in the form of scholarships, books, uniforms, desks, blackboards, computers, etc.

Currently, EduCare has more than 10 schools located in various states in India. We have minimum 10 children in any school for assistance. These boys and girls belong to several languages, castes, and religions. Many are physically challenged or orphans.

Helping the needy children for education in India through EduCare is inexpensive. About $100 supports one child's education for an entire year. Once a child gets on EduCare's scholarship roster, he or she stays in it until graduation from their school. With all volunteer workers, EduCare's  administrative expenses are limited to stationary, postage, and regulatory fees. All fund raising events and gift items are sponsored by individuals and businesses.

Educating the needy children gives them dignity and hope. Many terrorist groups have also recruited poor children. Educating them will reduce the pool for such recruitment. Educated couples, generally have fewer children. Education would also help to check the population growth.