Bal Academy - Khichan, Rajasthan

Supporting in schooling and higher education of poor children of rural areas

Khichan is a farming village near Falodi about three hour drive from Jodhpur in the interior of Rajasthan. Bal Academy, a school for children is operated by Human Benefit Services (HBS) which has been rated among the best schools in the region by several local government officials.

The EduCare Foundation has been supporting the education of 25 students since several years. The overall development of these children, who are brought to this academy every day from distant villages is truly amazing. 

MESSAGE from Dr. Subhash Jain, President of International Human Benefit Services:

IHBS is dedicated to improving conditions in rural India by focusing on healthcare, education, and women’s empowerment. There are two faces of India. The first face is urban India that is integrating rapidly into the global economy. The second face is rural and tribal India, which unfortunately remains backwards slow to embrace change and deeply rooted in traditional approach to life. The current healthcare in India is ill equipped to provide adequate care for India’s 70 percent of people in the rural region. The lack of infrastructure prevents physicians, nurses and educators to serve in the rural region. To combat these problems of health and education in rural India, International Human Benefit Services has established a smoothly functional school, hospital, and infrastructure.

These changes began at surrounding villages where a large number of people are able to receive preventable, therapeutic, and surgical care. Our small efforts have given us the strength to equip hospitals, provide quality education, and promote women’s empowerment. Every dollar received by the IHBS is directly spent on the chosen projects. Our volunteer teams have worked endlessly to provide support by serving as physicians, educators, or helping in the women’s empowerment program. Currently our school is overflowing with a growing number of students. Unfortunately, the current capacity of the school is unable to accommodate all of the children who would like to become literate and achieve their goals by attending our school. There is a dire need to enhance the capacity of the school and have a separate high school so that 750 plus children can receive higher education to achieve their goals.

Thank you for your generous support.