Jyotirmay Seva Samiti - Badwaha, MP

A residential and training School for Deaf and Mute

EduCare is pleased to honor Drs. Shantilal and Chandrakanta Lunia with outstanding Compassion award for their philanthropic contribution towards education of Deaf and Mute children. The Lunia family in past ten years has contributed more than quarter million dollars for the operating expenses as well as construction of two new buildings. During this period the Jyotirmay Seva Samiti School for Deaf and Mute children has grown from few walk-ins to 80 live-in students.

The two new buildings include the 10,000 square feet school cum residence building in operation since 2014, accommodating and training both boys and girls. The second new 5,000 square feet building under construction at this time is being built for providing living quarters for the boys as well as vocational training facility for all.

The school is currently reached enrollment of 80 students, which is its maximum capacity. None of the students have to pay any fees. Most operating expenses are donated by various Madhya Pradesh State, EduCare Foundation, Local district and Local private industry programs. The Jyotirmay Seva Samiti management is continuing to plan and execute various expansion plans. EduCare plans to continue its support of this highly successful project to educate deaf and mute children to be self-reliant and to make them productive member of society.