Dear Friend,

We at the EduCare Foundation believe that education is the best equalizer and a gift of education lasts for ever.  With this understanding, we have been providing educational assistance to needy children since 1994.  

In this age of shrinking world, unrest or inequity in one part of the globe affects peace everywhere. South Asia has a large number as well as high density of poor children. As majority of our volunteers understand the culture and systems in India, they are able to stretch every dollar for maximum benefit going to the children. We will be happy to share our experiences with any one intending to take an initiative in other countries. 

We have also started to branch out and start a scholarship program in United States. A couple of years ago, with an intention to instill a culture of compassion and giving among our youth, we sponsored an essay contest among high school students in New Jersey, as a part of the ‘Vision of a Better World Conference’ held at the Seton Hall University.  In 2012, we conducted a similar contest in the Columbia High School in Maplewood, NJ. Such programs have continued to present day. 

EduCare focuses on those children who are already going to school, but are in a danger to drop out due to grinding poverty and tend to get pushed in to child labor.  We work with a committee of teachers to provide right educational support in form of scholarships, books, uniforms, desks, blackboards, computers, etc.  We have minimum 10 children in each of our sponsored school. 

Helping the needy children for education in India through EduCare Foundation is inexpensive. About $100 supports one child for an entire year.  With all volunteer workers, its administrative expenses are limited to stationary, postage, and regulatory fees.  All fund raising events and gift items are sponsored by individuals. Of our supporters, many of our children have dedicated their birthday and graduation parties to EduCare.

As you know, Fund raising is a challenge.  We count on the generosity of our supporters who care for the most vulnerable children in this world.  We can help a child to stay in school for one full year just for $100. I hope we can also count on you to help at least one child to break her or his cycle of poverty.

The power of your generosity can make all the difference.  


Thank you,


​Ari Jain
Acting President

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