Ms. EduCare Contest


On December 6, 2014, EduCare Foundation launched a pioneering project 'Ms. EduCare' that aims to create a platform for empowerment of young women through education.  EduCare feels that this small step today could mature to help many disadvantaged members of our communities in coming years.   


Malala Yousafzai, young girl from Pakistan shot by terrorists for spreading education,  has become a worldwide face for the rights for education of girls and women.  EduCare would like to discover young women at local, regional and national levels through this platform who have also undergone daunting struggle in their lives but continued marching ahead for education.  These young women would become role models for education as well as a potential agent for change.  They will not only inspire the current generation of struggling students but also would be a step toward more shared prosperity. 


On the occassion of the Annual Benefit Dinner, EduCare awarded a scholarship of $5,000 to Antoinette Gingerelli, Ms. EduCare Winner and $ 3,000 scholarship to Georga Torres, Ms. EduCare Runner-up.


















EduCare continues to seek sponsorships for awards from Individuals, large organizations, corporations and non-profits in order to help many more girls like Antoinette and Georga.  It believes that this pioneering push will be a highly productive use of the sponsor’s philanthropic fund. In case sponsorship does not materialize, the contest will be conducted with reduced scholarship amounts. 

Meet our Ms. EduCare Finalists and Judges.


Please click here to find out eligibility criteria and how to apply.