Saksham Vidyalaya, Noida

A school for slum children

Saksham Vidyalaya ( is an informal school with enrollment of about 350 children in Nithari village near Delhi. It is operated by a non-profit, non-religious, charitable trust (NGO). The school timings have been chosen to enable them to attend the regular school also. The sole objective of the school is to bring minimum literacy to the children of this slum community who have missed the opportunity of going to school. Many Saksham students have excelled in “board” examinations and are studying in institutions of higher learning.

Sharad Singh, who has been attending Saksham Vidhyalaya since he was about seven years old, secured a whopping 91 % in the State Board Secondary Examinations. He stood 2nd in the District. All the local newspapers carried the news of his achievement.

Sharad and his elder brother Sourabh live in Nithari in a small rented room along with his father. Their mother stays in the village. Their father works as a security guard in a small private company. Sharad’s brother Sourabh has been taking up odd jobs even as he was pursuing his studies. He too had obtained 73% in the tenth U.P Board exams last year. His elder sister Jyothi had to discontinue her studies because of financial constraints and is employed with a family. She is however eager to go to school. Sharad is not just good in academics, but is a confident young lad who is excellent in dramatics and public speaking, apart from having a love for music.

From Saksham website:

Shri Krishnan Venugopal, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Shri Ramesh Shamdasani of Saibaba Foundation ( and the Team at Educare Charity, based in New Jersey, U.S.A ( have been our major donors in the previous years and they have continued to extend their support. We hope that the achievements of the kids will substantiate the commitment we have towards this cause. Thanks also to Shri C.S. Vaidyanathan, who pitched in with a generous donation.

Apart from the annual financial help towards the salary of the teachers, Educare made a further donation for 2015-16 for procuring jackets for the children of the morning session, last winter. The gap in the amount required to provide jackets for the older children attending the evening classes was made up by generous donations from several compassionate supporters.

EduCare Saksham School
EduCare Saksham School