The Indian Gospel Mission, Chennai

Dedicated to work among the under privileged citizens of the country

EduCare’s note: The Indian Gospel Mission (IGM) is a public, charitable society, solely dedicated to work among the under privileged citizens of the country, without any discretion of religion, caste, creed, color and sex. It conducts a variety of programs. EduCare primarily funds its computer laboratory and supplies. Last year in 2015 it also helped IGM in replacing books and study material destroyed in floods. Information below is extracted from the IGM’s 2015 activity report.


We have 3 Children’s homes which are registered under the Juvenile Justice Act (JJACT) as per Government of Tamil Nadu rules and under the child welfare committee. With God’s help we were able to obtain building license, stability certificate, sanitary certificate, fire rescue certificate and the license to run the children's homes. They consider our children’s home as a reception center... i.e. to bring and accommodate the begging children of the streets. The children are well fed, clothed, educated, and sheltered by the humble and kind donations of our well-wishers. The government officials are well pleased with all our activities.

Free Night School:
Another project that IGM renders is the free night school. We are sure that educating a child at the right age is the prominent and permanent asset in a child’s life. With that great burden, we conduct night schools in the nearby villages that benefit more than 60 children in each village and more than 615 children from uneducated families. The villagers are very happy to see their children getting an education from well trained and dedicated teachers. Hope the Almighty will help us to extend this service in the years to come.

Free Computer Training Program:
As computers are becoming very essential in day to day life, we have vocational computer training courses every year. 250 to 270 children benefit from well skilled faculties who conduct this training. At the end of the course merit certificates are issued to them.

The vision of ZOE is "Help the Children to Help Themselves." We have joined this organization with the assignment to help street kids giving preference to Full Orphans, Semi Orphan, Single Parents (children who were born without marriage, and live with moms), sick parents and poor children. We have begun in Chengalpattu, a town close to Headquarters. We have 3 different Income Generating Activity modules to provide basic needs for the group members.

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