Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I donate?


Investing in Education is an investment that will provide returns for generations to come.

EduCare is a US based non-profit, non religious organization registered in State of New Jersey.


EduCare is operated solely by volunteers. Over 90% of your donation goes towards charity work.


Join hands with EduCare. Together we can make all the difference!



How can I get involved?
You can get involved with EduCare in multiple ways. In addition to donating to the cause, you can volunteer your time or talent to organize various fund raising events throughout the year.
EduCare 5K Walk is held in the beginning of summer. EduCare Annual Benefit Dinner is held every fall season specifically around Diwali season. .
You can also suggest projects in your hometown in India or here in USA that EduCare can get involved with. For example you can suggest schools in India that need financial help or schools here in local community that can be helped by EduCare.
Every year, EduCare Youth Volunteers provide backpacks to needy children in different locations throughout the state of New Jersey. For supplies, EduCare donates to schools in the state of New Jersey who have suffered from natural disasters. 
What do you do?


40% of children enrolled in school  drop out of school before fifth grade to join their family to earn.

EduCare's solution is to continue to provide scholarship to a child to keep him/her in school.


For many children, EduCare is the only way to keep them in school. Without EduCare's assistance, the children will be forced into child labor to support their family.​


Every child saved from child labor is a potential leader, educator, scientist, etc. in making.


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What does it take to educate a child in India?
Approximately  $100 a year can educate a child depending on the location in India.
All the schools that are in EduCare program have FCRA approval i.e. approval from Government of India to accept foreign aid.
What programs do you have in the USA?
EduCare conducts an essay competition among High School Students every year.
EduCare also has a Youth Leadership program for Middle and High School students in New Jersey.
EduCare Youth Volunteers get involved in various activities such as local community service projects and organizing events, etc.
Why is your program better?


EduCare partners with Educational Institutions and administrators and works with a committee of teachers at those institutions to understand their needs in terms of improving the infrastructure, donation of school supplies, and providing scholarships to ensure that the children keep coming to school.


EduCare also monitors the schools it assists closely by visits by its executive  committee members and its requirements for annual reporting by the schools.
Our business is to provide for these children and we take our business very seriously.

How long do children stay in the program?


Once selected into the program, a child continues to receive the assistance from EduCare until he or she graduates from that school.



How do I contact you?




Phone: (201) 933-8963


Mailing Address: 38 Block Ave, Iselin NJ, United States, 08830