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About Us


EduCare has provided funds to purchase durries/rugs, desks and benches, furniture, school supplies, uniforms, and blackboards for the classrooms. We have also provided computers, printers, and playground equipment for the students as well as sound systems for student assemblies, copy machines, and installation of a new electrical system. We have also provided financial assistance in the construction of two new buildings for a school for deaf and mute children.

Special events in our lives should be accompanied by good deeds. A donation to the EduCare Foundation is a unique and meaningful way to mark births, graduations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and achievements.

Please mail your tax deductible donation payable to Educare Foundation Inc. at 38 Block Ave, Iselin NJ, United States, 08830.

EduCare is a tax exempt charitable 501(c)(3) organization in USA. Our tax id is 22-3613696.

EduCare Foundation Inc., a US non-religious non-profit organization registered in State of New Jersey since 1994, continues to provide educational assistance to needy children in India. Educare has started similar program in USA since 2012.

Almost 59 million children in India under the age of 14 years including 35 million girls were not attending school. Report on the state of children in India prepared as a follow-up to the World Summit for children 2000.

EduCare Foundation combines good management, minimal administrative expenses, and innovative schemes to deliver maximum benefit of your donation dollars to needy children .

EduCare Foundation continues to be managed and operated by all volunteers. Our overheads are so low that more than 90% of donations are used for the programs.

Our financial report is always sent free to anyone requesting a copy. The State of New Jersey requires us to advise you that copy of our financial report is available from the New Jersey State Attorney General's office by calling (973) - 504 - 6125.
Our Mission
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Our Mission

EduCare Foundation has provided educational assistance to tens of thousands of poor children across India since 1994. It is a non-profit tax exempt charity organization registered in State of New Jersey.​

EduCare's work is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi "He who servers the poor serves the God", Mother Teresa "Love one another, help one another, and be kind to one another", and by Dr. Martin Luther King "Everybody can be great because everybody can serve..."​

A donation of $100 helps to keep one child in school for one year.

Our Approach

EduCare Foundation focuses on those children who are already going to school, but are in danger of dropping out due to grinding poverty and getting pushed in to child labor. EduCare works with a committee of three teachers to provide right educational support in the form of scholarships, books, uniforms, desks, blackboards, computers, etc.

Currently, EduCare has more than 10 schools located in various states in India. We have minimum 10 children in any school for assistance. These boys and girls belong to several languages, castes, and religions. Many are physically challenged or orphans.

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