Akshada Chordiya, a Class of 2016 high school graduate, has been a part of the EduCare organization since 2013. She has participated in several of EduCare's events, from the backpack drives to the EduCare Benefit Galas. The EduCare organization has been an instrumental inspiration to Akshada, and it has taught her about the virtues and goodness that comes from simply striving to better the lives of others. Aside from volunteering for the EduCare charity, Akshada was also in the National Honors Society, the Public Relations Representative of the Spanish Honors Society, and the President of a Toastmasters Club. She is currently pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering. 


Vivek is currently a senior in High School. Some of Vivek's hobbies include playing basketball, surfing the web, writing code, anything that deals with engineering, & chatting online. He likes to interact with people. He has done some volunteering for Boy Scouts and other Jain social events.


Vivek has been very instrumental in convincing people to connect with EduCare and to donate to its cause. Vivek has raised funds to support education of 12 kids in India for 1 year.



Priya is an 9th grader.  Priya's hobbies include playing piano, participating in Theatre and Arts events , performing Kucchipudi as well as Bollywood dances, public speaking, and writing poetry.


Nikita is an 9th grader. Nikita likes to play soccer, swim, and bake. She also loves art. Music is something everyone likes but she truly loves music. Her favorite band is All Time Low. She's a caring person and fun to be around. She loves her family and friends.Her life's motto is "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for nothing. She is really proud to be part of EduCare's youth program.


Nikita along with Nishtha and others put up a booth at Piscataway Town Fair to raise awareness about the cause that EduCare supports and to bring recognition to the work that EduCare is doing in India and in US.


Pooja is a 12th grader at a vocational high school where she specializes in medicine.  Her hobbies include singing, working on her school's yearbook as Editor-In-Chief, hiking, baking, and volunteering! She aspires to go to medical school one day and has had many opportunities to experience the field. She loves that EduCare's efforts can give someone those same chances. Pooja has shoveled snow and held a car cleaning event to raise funds for EduCare, volunteered at the annual EduCare gala, prepared souvenirs for the gala that compiled of cards from students helped by Educare.


Khush is currently a high school student and has been with the EduCare community for about 2 years so far. He likes to read mystery-novels and program in his free time. He also enjoys biking with his friends and spending time with his family. He is also an avid tennis enthusiast. As a youth leader, he has worked diligently on several events for EduCare to give back to other students and families in India. As cliché as it may sound, EduCare has taught Khush a lot, and he knows he will learn more. Khush will keep working hard for EduCare's cause.


Rahul has recently completed the eighth grade and is entering high school as a freshman.  He is studying computer science and enjoys doing science labs as well as a variety of extracurricular activities.  He plays soccer for his hometown and has also run track.  One of his favorite after school activities is dance.  He has been a part of Educare for a few years and he loves it.  He has also taken part in Educare Benefit Galas and the annual Educare 5K walk.


Ved is in 8th grade. He has many hobbies, including reading long books, running cross-country and track, and playing golf. His favorite subject in school is by far math. He loves how every question is a new challenge to solve. He is also active in many clubs in school, many of which help the community in some way. This summer, Ved went to see a school supported by EduCare. It really showed him how lucky he is compared to others. He really appreciates the chance to give back to the world and EduCare gives him that chance.


Daksh is a current seventh grader. Daksh has been a Junior Youth Volunteer 

for the past two years, and is excited to become an official Youth Leader. Through EduCare, Daksh has learnt the importance of giving back and hopes to help better children’s education globally. Besides EduCare, Daksh is on the travel 

baseball team, is a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and loves to swim.


Nishtha is in eleventh grade. Nishtha has many hobbies and interests, including swimming, reading, playing guitar, and doing a classical style of Indian dancing called Kuchipudi.


Nishtha along with other EduCare Youth Leaders put up a booth at Piscataway Town Fair to raise awareness about the cause that EduCare supports and to bring recognition to the charitbale work EduCare has been doing in India and in US.


Rahul, a junior in high school, enjoys writing for his school’s newspaper and volunteering through his school’s Key Club. Rahul loves to spend time with his family and friends and he enjoys watching movies. Rahul visited the Jyotirmay Seva Samiti School in India and witnessed the conditions that the kids there lived in. This was an eye-opening experience for him and it helped him learn more about what he could do to help. In addition, Rahul volunteers at EduCare’s annual 5K Walk and Dinner and helps to raise funds at these events. He also helps maintain the EduCare website.


Sukriti is a current senior in high school. Sukriti has been an active Youth Leader with EduCare for the past 4 years. She initiated Operation Backpack for EduCare three years ago, and has successfully supplied backpacks for more than 210 children. In the future, she would also like to pursue a career in medicine, helping people all the time. To lead the path towards her ambitions, Sukriti is also a trained EMT.


Mrigank is a seventh grader. Some of his interests are playing sports. He plays baseball and basketball. He also enjoys going biking and hiking. His favorite subjects in school are math and gym. In his free time, he plays outside with his friends. His favorite season is spring because spring has the perfect weather. Not to hot, and not to cold. He also likes learning about ancient civilizations and chemistry.


Rishabh is in middle school. In school, he likes to run as a part of his school's Cross Country and Track Teams. He is part of his school’s Newspaper and Academic Team. He also enjoys spending time with his family. His favorite book series is Harry Potter. He is proud to be a part of EduCare because he thinks education is important for everyone to have. He visited the Jyotirmay Seva Samiti School where he learned about EduCare's purpose. He also helps out at EduCare’s annual 5k Walks and gala dinners. He raises money for EduCare who give it to needy children.


Esha is a 6th grader and enjoys playing tennis which she has been doing for a while, as well as bollywood dancing. She also loves reading novels, playing violin, and baking. Esha participates in many school activities, such as young scientists and battle of the books. She enjoys taking a part in crafty activities and art. Although Esha has only been a part of Educare for one year, she finds it to be a great program.


Rajas is a high school student. His interests include running in track and cross country and playing basketball. Additionally, Rajas participates in school clubs such as Science Olympiad and the Math League. He has previously volunteered at other places like his local library and the Brookdale assisted living center.


Paras, a freshman at his local high school, has been a part of EduCare for 3 years now and has participated in the EduCare 5k Walk, EduCare GALA dinners and other EduCare fundraisers. He is currently exploring IOS app development and is aiming to launch his first app within a year and is also interested in Mixed Martial Arts, flute and tennis.


Amal is in 12th grade and loves playing the guitar, practicing martial arts, and dancing in his free time. He values his education immensely, and realizes its importance.


Anmol is an intelligent young woman who is a freshman in high school. She enjoys playing a variety of sports and has a deep passion for dancing. Perpetually searching for knowledge, she understands the importance education has in every person's life.