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Why Python -

1. Python is easy to learn

2. Python has an active, supportive community

3. Python is flexible

4. Python offers versatile web-development solutions

5. Python is well suited to data science and analytics

6. Python is efficient, fast, and reliable

7. Python is widely used with IoT Technology

8. Python empowers custom automation

9. Python is the academic language

Project Leads: Om Agrawal and Ansh Patel

This course will be taught by Om and Ansh.

Om is freshman at High Technology High School, Lincroft, NJ [#1 STEM highschool in the country]. He is interested in the fields of robotics, coding, and engineering. 

Ansh is a sophomore attending Allen High School in Allen, Texas. He learnt Python when he was in 6th grade and since then he has fallen in love with the power of this language. 

This course is designed for the age group 10-14 yrs.

Schedule - Starts in January. Day/Time is yet to be decided.

Learn programing using Python

Previous Projects

Screenshot 2021-12-05 190206.png

As the academic season brings with it a new set of challenges, responsibilities, and skills for every student to respond to. Compelling, confident public speaking is a crucial skill that is often overlooked and under-developed in a child’s formative years, yet it can strongly impact how your child views themselves and how they develop and succeed in school. A self-assured child who can effectively address their classmates or an audience is likely to be seen in a more positive light by their peers and develop a stronger sense of self. And this acquired poise and increased command of public speaking will not only help them in school, but also empower them in any situation they encounter in life.
    If you are looking for your child to excel in his/her public speaking and develop leadership skills, you might think of taking advantage of this opportunity with no cost to you.
   These sessions are run using Toastmasters International Club framework - Toastmasters club targeted for kids age group of 7 - 12 Years.
    These sessions are run by Vatsal Jain and Ansh Patel once a week on Tuesday.

Project Leads: Vatsal Jain, Ansh Patel

Public Speaking

The EduCare Foundation has created a program directed at kids to inspire them through life and implement important skills that will prepare them for the future!

Chess Pieces

The Youth Development Program started a Chess Classes where kids learn strategies and gameplays to succeed in the game of Chess. The Chess Program was a 10 week course, with a one hour class a week, run virtually taught by Project Coordinator: Vatsal Jain. The program used the online platform


Project Leads: Diya Singhal and Vatsal Jain

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