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Youth Leaders

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Vatsal Jain

Youth Development Program Director

Vatsal Jain is a sophomore attending Biotechnology High School from Holmdel, New Jersey. He is academically interested in the sciences; specifically biology, chemistry, and medicine. Regardless of his curiosity for science, he loves expanding his knowledge in a mixture of fields including business, politics, and music. He is driven and versatile in everything he does, believing hard work and dedication always pay off in the end. Vatsal has organized and taught a beginner chess and public speaking program through Educare’s Youth Development program. He plays tennis and runs cross country for his high school while being involved with multiple clubs at his school. In his free time, he enjoys working out, spending time with friends, and enjoying different foods.

Ansh Patel

Youth Development Project Lead

Ansh Patel is a sophomore attending Allen High School in Allen, Texas. He is interested in two major fields of study, science and business. Mainly, physics, biology, and economics. Outside of school, Ansh is involved in several extracurricular activities, including an internship at The Borgen Project, and assisting with running a public speaking program through Educare’s Youth Development Program. In his spare time, Ansh loves to listen to music and watch movies, alongside spending time with friends and family. Some of his hobbies consist of tennis, long-distance running and writing. Ansh is a determined hard-worker and a great team player. With focus and determination, he knows that anything can get done.

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Om Agrawal

Youth Development Project Lead

Om Agrawal is a freshman attending High Technology High School from Cliffwood, New Jersey. He is interested in the fields of robotics, coding, and engineering. He also loves expanding his knowledge on more fields such as the sciences and business. Om is also involved in multiple extracurricular activities. He plays soccer for his high school and is a part of multiple clubs at HTHS. He has prior experience in teaching kids Hindi and tutoring others in mathematics such as algebra. Om loves to use his free time to play video games, watch sports, and just hang out with his friends and family. Om is a hard-worker who is determined and passionate about what he does. He believes that putting your mind into your work and loving what you do will help you succeed in life.

Grishmaa Chaudhary

Website Design Lead

Grishmaa Chaudhary is a freshman attending Churchill Junior High School in East Brunswick, New Jersey. She is interested in literature, history, and math. She also enjoys rollerskating and swimming. She is involved in the debate club at her school and outside of school, Grishmaa is involved in several extracurricular activities, such as dance. In her spare time, Grishmaa loves to read, play badminton, listen to music, and hang out with friends. Grishmaa is a determined hard-worker and very focused with what she does. She knows that with hard work and persistence, she can get anything done.

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