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Sponsor a School

Have a school that you would like EduCare to support? Have the school fill out Application for School Assistance Program

EduCare works with staff of a school or center operated by an FCRA approved entity to provide the right educational support in the form of scholarships, books and school supplies, teachers salary, and computers/online education to needy children. It also provides classroom furniture, school facilities and building construction from sponsor dedicated funds. EduCare has no restriction for caste, gender or religion for scholarships. Students may be selected based on criteria including being poor, intelligent, handicapped, no father or other similar hardships. A committee of three teachers is to be formed for selection of students for scholarships or school supplies. EduCare intends to help the selected students until they graduate from school. An EduCare program director works with school staff to determine feedback requirement and solve any issues to ensure success. The grant may be renewed or amended as needed for a school in good standing.

Application for assistance may be sent through an EduCare volunteer, post or email. Applicants are encouraged to include website address and relevant brochures to support better understanding. Based on justification, annual grant ranges between $2000-4000 per school year. The financial assistance is in the form of check/wire transfer to the FCRA approved bank account according to the prevailing regulations in India.


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